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Some New Yorkers are always on the hunt for the secret delights hidden among the thousands of restaurants in the city.
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What this site is about.

We are a small group of Web designers and developers who spend a lot of time in front of our computers in our office in Greenwich Village.

Fast Facts:
Date of concept: October, 1999
Date of launch: December, 1999
Daily usage: More people use the site during the week than on weekends, with a peak on Fridays. There is usually a dip on holidays.
Hourly usage: Peak use is between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm with the main peak around noon and a smaller peak around 7:00 pm.
Geography: We get the most use for Little Italy area, second-most for the Theater District.
Cuisines: The most popular kind of food for delivery is Chinese, followed by pizza/Italian and 'American' (burgers, chicken, and sandwiches). Although it's pretty even across neighborhoods, uptowners seem to like Asian food more than downtowners.
Restaurants: The most-sought menu on the site is that for The Pump in Murray Hill followed by Burritoville with locations around Manhattan and New Pasteur in Chinatown.

When lunchtime (and often dinnertime) comes around, we occasionally go out and bring food back to the office.

But just as often we order in.

At that point we all start looking around our desks for our individual piles of delivery menus, at least we used to.

Someone had the bright idea of putting all of the menus we had on our local web server, making them available without having to rummage through our desks.

After a while of actually using this service, someone else had the bright idea of making it available to anyone. was born.

What began with just the 4 or 5 places near our office has grown into a sampling of menus from around Manhattan.

What makes this site different

4 things make gotham2go unique.

  • Complete Menus Online
  • Good Selection of Restaurants
  • Regularly Updated
  • User Privacy

There are lots of NYC dining guides, but none do what gotham2go does.

Places like sidewalk / citysearch have a comprehensive listing of restaurants, but not the cheaper places, and they don't include menus.

Some sites have menus, but typically profile the $35/meal places, not the cheap pizzeria down the block. Also, they're based off of a national registry, so they only include the big-name places and are based on information that is up to four years old.

Other sites offer online ordering, which is a growing trend. However, they do it by turning your email into a fax and sending it to the restaurant. While many restaurants will take orders by fax, most do not. So they also exclude all the smaller eateries. Additionally, you can't get confirmation of your order, so you can't be sure if your midnight order-in will be filled.

Coming Features

Based on the requests we've received from the thousands of users who regularly visit the site, we are planning on adding the following features in the coming months:

  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Printable PDF versions of menus
  • More menus
  • Expansion into more areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Redesign of site and navigation

Contact us

What started out as a self-serving project has turned into a public service.

We've put a fair amount of work into the site, not with the goal of making a lot of money, but of doing something useful.

What makes it worthwhile is knowing that people actually use the site and find it a useful alternative to keeping a stack of delivery menus in your drawer.

If you have any comments, we'd like to hear from you.

And since we want to make this the best site of its kind, criticisms are even more welcome than compliments.

Send us a note!

Listing Information

If you have a restaurant, we will include you in our listings for free, and we can offer you additional promotional opportunities for a small fee.

Simply fill out the gotham2go restaurant submission form to get started.

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