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Gotham Menu > Soho > Malaysian > Nyonya

tel: 212-334-3669, 212-334-6701
194 Grand St 10012

minimum order for delivery: $6.00
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1* Homemade Roti Canai (Indian Pancake) - crispy style pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce$1.95
2* Roti Telur - indian pancake filled w/ egg, onion, green pepper, served w/ curry chicken potato sauce$2.95
3* Pasembur - shredded cucumber, jicama, & bean sprouts w/ tofu, sliced hard boiled eggs, & chef's special sauce$6.95
4* Nyonya Rojak - nyonya famous fruit salad served w/ shrimp paste sauce$4.75
5* Nyonya Satay Chicken/ Beef - marinated chicken or beef on skewers, charcoal grilled to perfection & served w/ peanut sauce$4.95
6* Squid w/ Chinese Watercress - $7.95
7* Kerabu - treated duck web in sweet & spicy thai sauce$7.95
8* Satay Tofu - crispy fried tofu stuffed w/ cucumber & bean sprouts, served w/ shrimp paste & peanut sauce$4.50
9Ipoh Bean Sprouts - scald bean sprouts w/ chef's special sauce$3.00
10Crispy Pork Intestines - $5.95
11Nyonya Young Tofu - eggplant, green pepper & tofu stuffed w/ minced fish, served in a clear fish broth or curry soup$5.95
12Nyonya Poh Piah - steamed malaysian spring roll stuffed w/ jicama$4.50
13Nyonya Crispy Roll - minced shrimp w/ egg & chinese sausage in a roll, lightly fried til golden brown$7.95
14Baby Oyster Omelette - malaysian favorite pan fried baby oyster w/ egg$6.95
15* Achat - vegetable pickled in tumeric powder & spicy herbs & sesame seeds$3.50
16Nyonya Chicken Wings - marinated chicken wings wrapped in screw pine leaves & lightly fried$7.95
17White Turnip Rolls - minced fish w/ vegetable lightly fried & served w/ sweet & spicy sauce$6.95
18* Spicy Crispy Squids - fried squid tentacles in chef's special sauce$6.95
19Shrimp Puff - deep fried minced shrimp wrapped w/ bacon$4.50
20Nyonya Lobak - crispy fried spiced pork roll, fried tofu & fried shrimp pancake, served w/ 2 sauces: hoisin plum & chili$6.95
21Deep Fried Squids Ball - $5.50
Fried Noodles
1* Chow Kueh Teow - malaysian famous stir fried flat rice noodles w/ shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, eggs, soy sauce & chili paste$4.95
2Hokkein Char Mee - thick yellow noodles cooked in heavily flavored soy sauce w/ shrimp, squid, pork & vegs$4.95
3* Indian Mee Goreng - indian style stir fried egg noodles in an authentic mild dried squid sauce w/ tofu, potatoes, shrimp, egg & bean sprouts$4.95
4* Singapore Rice Noodles - singapore style stir fried noodles in special mild sauce w/ shrimp, bean sprout, egg & chinese sausage$4.95
5Beef Chow Fun - stir fried flat noodles in a special sauce w/ beef, scallion & bean sprouts$4.95
6Cantonese Chow Fun - w/ pork & seafood$4.95
7Seafood Scrambled Egg Chow Fun - pan fried flat noodles on light brown egg sauce topped w/ seafood & vegetables$5.95
8Fried Pearl Noodles - stir fried noodles in a special sauce w/ shrimp, pork, egg, scallion & bean sprouts$5.25
9Fried Rice Noodles w/ Salted Fish - stir fried noodles w/ salted fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, vegetables & bean sprouts$5.95
10* Nyonya Seafood Rice Noodle - stir fried noodles w/ squids, shrimp, & vegs w/ a splash of spicy soy sauce$5.95
11* Mee Siam - stir fried rice vermicelli w/ tofu, egg, shrimp & bean sprouts in spicy thai chili sauce, sprinkled w/ ground peanut & pork lard$4.95
12Seafood Thin Egg Noodles w/ Brown Sauce - $5.95
13Fried Egg Noodles w/ Squid, Shrimp, Scallops - $5.95
14* Sauteed Rice Cake w/ Dried Radish, Egg, & Bean Sprouts - $4.95
Noodles in Soup
1* Prawn Mee - rice & egg noodles, shredded pork, shrimp, vegetable, bean sprouts in a spicy shrimp broth$4.95
2* Asam Laksa - spicy & sour rice noodles served in chef's special lemon grass broth w/ fish flakes$4.95
3Kueh Teow Thong - flat noodles served w/ fish broth & shredded chicken & shrimp$4.25
4Clay Pot Pearl Noodles Soup - pearl noodles w/ minced shrimp, pork & egg in a clay pot$5.25
5Chicken Feet w/ Mushrooms - $3.95
6Ginger Duck Noodles - special egg noodles served in homemade soy sauce w/ ginger & duck meat$4.95
7* Java Mee - egg noodles served in sweet & spicy dried squid gravy w/ shrimp, shrimp pancake & potatoes$4.95
8Wonton Mee - special egg noodles served w/ wonton in homemade sauce or chicken broth$3.95
9Fish Head Soup w/ Rice Noodles - deep fried fish heads served w/ pork lard & carnation milk broth$5.95
10* Seafood Tomyam Rice Noodles - rice noodles served in spicy & sour lemongrass broth w/ seafood & straw mushrooms$5.95
11* Curry Mee w/ Young Tau Foo - noodles served in a spicy lemongrass coconut curry w/ vegs & tofu stuffed w/ fish$4.95
12Clay Pot Noodles - homemade style noodles w/ vegs, pork, shrimp & squid, served in a clay pot$5.50
13* Beef Tripe Noodle - stewed beef tripe in thin noodles soup$5.50
14Double Boil Duck Thigh in Chinese Herbs Noodle Soup - $5.50
1Chicken Feet W/ Chinese Mushroom - $7.95
2* Curry Mixed Vegs in Clay Pot - $9.95
3* Curry Beef Casserole - $9.95
4Seafood Combination Casserole - $10.95
5Jumbo Shrimp in Wine Casserole - $16.95
6* Nyonya Curry Fish Head - $14.95
7* Nyonya Assam Fish Head - $14.95
8* Indian Style Curry Fish Head - $14.95
9* Tomyam Fish Head - fresh fish head cooked w/ lemongrass broth & thai sauce$14.95
10Mutton in Clay Pot - mutton simmered over low heat w/ bean curd skin$10.95
11* Chicken in Clay Pot - chicken cooked w/ basil leaves & dried chili$8.95
12* Bean Curd in Casserole - bean curd topped w/ minced shrimp, pork & chinese mushroom in chef's special sauce$9.95
13* Jumbo Shrimp in Assam Casserole - $16.95
1Salted Cabbage, Bean Curd Soup w/ Pork, Squid, & Shrimp - $4.95
2Seaweed w/ Seafood Soup - $5.95
3Seafood w/ Bean Curd Soup - $5.95
4Salted Cabbage Fish Head Soup - $5.95
5* Seafood Tomyam Soup - $9.95
6Bah Kut Teh (Chinese Herbs) - s: $5.95
m: $8.95
l $13.95
Rice Dishes
1* Nasi Lemak - coconut rice flavored w/ cloves & screw pine leaves, served w/ chili, anchovies, pickles, curry chicken & hard boiled eggs$3.95
2Hainanese Chicken w/ Rice - chicken rice subtly flavored w/ steamed chicken, served w/ chef's special soy sauce$3.95
3* Curried Chicken w/ Rice - $3.95
4* Beef Rendang Rice - dried curry beef$4.95
5Young Chow Fried Rice - w/ pork$5.50
6Nyonya Seafood Dried Rice - $5.50
7Pork w/ Dried Vegs & Rice - for lunch only$4.50
8Pork w/ Yam & Rice - for lunch only$4.50
9Fried Rice w/ Salted Fish - salt fish fried rice w/ egg, pork, chicken & shrimp$5.75
10* Pineapple Fried Rice - $7.95
11Duck w/ Ginger & Scallion Rice - $4.25
12Chicken w/ Ginger & Scallion Rice - $4.25
13* Spicy Thai Chicken Rice - rice w/ steamed chicken topped w/ chef's special thai sauce (spicy)$4.25
14* Assorted Tumeric Rice - tumeric coconut rice served w/ shrimp salad, ham, eggs & chinese sausage$7.95
1Hainanese Chicken - steamed chicken w/ chef's soy sauce1/4: $4.50
1/2: $6.95
2* Spicy Thai Chicken - chicken served in chef's special sauce1/4: $4.75
1/2: $7.50
3* Nyonya Kari Ayam - chicken cooked over low heat w/ lemongrass & chili paste, then simmered in thick rich coconut curry$7.95
4Sarang Burong - shaped fried taro stuffed w/ shrimp, chicken, corn, snow peas, & black mushrooms w/ cashew nuts$8.95
5Golden Sesame Chicken - minced shrimp & minced chicken served in square pieces topped w/ sesame seeds$9.95
6Herbal Chicken - special broiled chicken simmered w/ chinese herbs, wrapped in silver foilS.P.
7Smoke Salted ChickenS.P.
8* Mango Chicken - shredded mango cooked w/ spicy sweet & sour sauce served in mango shell$12.95
9Braised Duck w/ Lotus Seed - $13.95
10* Beef Rendang - tender pieces of beef simmered w/ exotic spices (cinnamon, cloves) & lemongrass in coconut milk$9.95
1Spareribs Malaysian Style - marinated spareribs in a special sauce lightly fried$7.95
2King Pork Buff - deep fried pork chop in an authentic BBQ sauce$7.95
3* Curry Spareribs - $9.95
4House Special Pork w/ Yam - double cooked pork w/ yam in special brown sauce$5.25
5House Special Pork w/ Dried Vegetable - double cooked pork w/ dried vegetable in special brown sauce$5.25
6Yuen Tai Pork - double cooked pork leg w/ spices, served w/ white bread$10.95
1Salted Fish w/ Bean Sprouts - $5.95
2Salted Fish w/ Chinese Broccoli - $6.95
3Spinach w/ Preserved Bean Curd - $6.95
4Chinese Watercress w/ Preserved Bean Curd - $6.95
5* Kang Kung Belacan - sauteed convolus w/ spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce$7.95
6* Shrimps w/ Ladies Fingers Malaysian Style - sauteed okra w/ spicy malaysian style shrimp paste$7.95
7* Shrimps w/ Eggplant Malaysian Style - $7.95
8* Shrimps w/ String Beans Malaysian Style - sauteed string beans w/ spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce$7.95
9Malaysian Buddhist - mixed vegetable w/ bean curd skin & chinese mushroom in chef's special sauce$7.95
10* Bean Curd in Thai Style - bean curd topped w/ minced pork, shrimp & chinese mushroom in chef's special spicy sauce$8.95
11Master's Bean Curd - minced fish & bean curd cake lightly fried til golden brown, served w/ topping of hoisin sauce$7.95
1* Crispy Golden Fried Squids - $8.95
2* Nyonya House Special Squids - fresh squids cooked w/ spices, surrounded by dried shrimp in authentic sauce$8.95
3* Nyonya Dried Curry Squids - $8.95
4* Lemongrass Squids Wrapped in Silver Foil - $9.95
5* Assam Ikan Bilis - anchovies w/ shrimp paste, sliced onion, chili & tamarind sauce$7.95
Choices of Fish: Red Snapper, Pampano, Jelipia or Striped Bass
6* Deep Fried Fish in Belachan SauceS.P.
7* Deep Fried Fish in Black Bean SauceS.P.
8* Deep Fried Fish in Thai SauceS.P.
9Deep Fried Fish in Sweet & Sour SauceS.P.
10Steamed Fish in Teow Chow Style - steamed fish w/ pork, bean curd, & salted cabbageS.P.
11* Steamed Fish in Nyonya House Special SauceS.P.
12Steamed Fish in Ginger PasteS.P.
13* Steamed Fish in Hot Bean Sauce - steamed fish topped w/ pork lardS.P.
14* Curry Red Snapper w/ OkraS.P.
15* Stingray Wrapped w/ Lotuf Leaf - $11.95
16* Cheng-Lai Stingray - stingray cooked w/ low heat in authentic lemongrass broth$11.95
17* Dried Curry Fish Head - fish head w/ eggplant & tomatoes, served w/ dried curry sauce$14.95
18* Jumbo Prawns in Special Sauce - fried jumbo prawns in special brown sauce$16.95
19* Coconut Jumbo Prawns - butterflied jumbo prawns in aromatic coconut batter$16.95
20* Hot & Spicy Jumbo Prawns - $16.95
21* Nyonya House Special Jumbo Prawns - jumbo prawns cooked w/ spicy ground dried shrimp in authentic sauce$16.95
22* Jumbo Prawns in Thai Sauce - $16.95
23* Dried Curry Jumbo Prawns - $16.95
24* Steamed Fresh Jumbo Prawns - $16.95
25* Mango Shrimp - shredded mango cooked w/ shrimp, spicy sweet & sour sauce in mango shell$12.95
26* Sambal Shrimp - sauteed shrimp w/ spicy malaysian shrimp paste$8.95
27* Sambal Petai - sauteed malaysian green pea & shrimp w/ spicy malaysian shrimp paste$8.95
28* Nyonya House Special Crabs - hard shell crabs cooked w/ spicy ground dried shrimp in authentic sauce$11.95
29* Crabs in Special Aromatic Flavor - hard shell crabs marinated w/ spices, cooked w/ shredded lemongrass$11.95
30* Hot & Spicy Crabs - $11.95
31* Crabs in Thai Sauce - $11.95
32* Sauteed Frog w/ Kung Pao Sauce - $13.95
33Sauteed Frog w/ Ginger & Scallion - $13.95
34* Clam w/ Black Bean Sauce - $9.95
35* Clam w/ Tomyam Broth - $11.95
36* Hot & Spicy Lobster in PanS.P.
37* Nyonya House Special Lobster - lobster cooked w/ spicy ground dried shrimp in authentic sauceS.P.
Sizzling Platter
1Sizzling Bean Curd w/ Pork - $9.95
2Sizzling Seafood Combination w/ Scallops, Shrimp, & Squid - $11.95
3Sizzling Beef - $9.95
4* Sizzling Kerabu Jumbo Prawns - $16.95
5* Sizzling Nyonya Tofu - bean curd, egg w/ minced pork, shrimp, chinese mushrooms, served in chef's special sauce$9.95
Side Order
1White Rice - $0.50
2Coconut Rice - $0.75
3Chicken Broth Rice (Meatless) - $0.75
4Yam Rice - $1.00
1Watermelon Drink - $1.90
2Orange Juice - $1.90
3Carrot Juice - $1.90
4Pineapple Juice - $1.90
5Lychee Drink - $1.50
6Rambutan Drink - $1.50
7Longan Ice Drink - $1.50
8Soya Bean w/ Grass Jelly - $1.60
9Soya Bean Milk - $1.50
10Sooi Pooi Drink - $2.00
11Coconut Drink - $2.00
12Malaysian Ice Coffee - $1.50
13Malaysian Ice Tea - $1.50
14Soda - $1.00
1Peanut Pancake - $3.50
2Pulut Hitam - creamy black glutinous rice w/ coconut milk$1.50
3Buboj Chacha - sweet potato & yam w/ coconut$1.75
4Ginko Nuts w/ Barley - $1.75
5ABC - shaved ice w/ red bean, corn, palm seeds, jelly & red rose syrup$2.00
6Chendol - green pea flour stripes & sweet red beans topped w/ shaved ice & coconut milk$2.00
7Fresh Coconut Pudding - $5.00
8Mango Pudding - $5.00

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Derek Thrasher
Wow! This place has food that reminds me so much of Newton Circus in Singapore!

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