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Four Benefits To The Cloud Going Public

There is a lot to be said about the Cloud these days. Businesses have been making use of things like edge computing to help them improve speed and efficiency across their companies, while also keeping data as secure as possible by keeping data processing local to other edge devices and only sending information back into the business as it’s needed (and, if you’re still wondering What Is Edge Computing?, you can read more here). With people now having backing up as a service available to them so easily, keeping files safe and secure seems to have become less of a strange IT-focused task and more a part of everyday life.

Still, if you’re not sure why you should bother with things like Dropbox and Google Drive (to name but two examples), then consider these points below. If they change your mind, leave a comment! Or, leave one if they don’t, and you can explain why. With that said, let’s get to point number one.

  • Stops You Saving Repeats Of Documents And Images

This can be a key point for if you tend to download copies of things over and over, or if you need to keep documents focused. After all, when you need that insurance information the last thing you want to do is dig through countless copies of it on your phone. Having repeats be removed naturally ensures you only have one version, which is efficient for both space and for your time.

  • Cloud Storage Saves Costs On Other Storage Methods

Let’s say you have a lot of files that you want to store via conventional methods, and plan to use hard drives to store that content. You go online and look to buy a 2 TB drive for about $120. Not a bad price. Except soon that drive fills up, and you need to buy another one. And then another. And then the drive dies on you, and you need to buy another to recover to, and pay for the recovery process. It is a lot of extra stress and bother for the sake of storage, especially as if you’re using enough space for that kind of capacity you’re likely needing to back it up again.

Meanwhile, if you just pay for a Cloud service, 2TB is only $80 a year, and that’s guaranteed to near never go down. Plus, with many cloud service companies offering recurring payment systems (, renewal of subscriptions or upgradation of plans becomes easier.

  • If Your Computer Or Phone Falls To Malware, Your Files Won’t

No matter how careful we are, everyone could be at risk of malware at any time. All it takes is one wayward click, or one file downloaded we didn’t mean to, or one accidental ad press, and we’ve lost everything on our device. Tragic, right? Well, yes. But if you have your files hosted on the Cloud, then at least rebuilding won’t take too long. In fact, it is an extra layer of security as those files on those systems are often scanned to check for viruses and the like too, meaning if any of those were the cause it won’t be coming back to hit again.

  • Many Cloud Services Have Other Benefits For Using them

Look, we all use a lot of apps and services these days. Sometimes, we can get bundle deals. Take, for example, the CloudReady services (to learn more about this, you can search for australian cloud service
on the web) provided by firms like Global Storage. As a cloud-based, integrated infrastructure service, CloudReady delivers rapid access to IT resources and simplifies IT operations while guaranteeing the highest levels of assistance for the business applications. Moreover, by adopting cloud services, nations like Australia have been known to reach a cumulative productivity gain of $9.4 billion over the five years to 2019. In that regard, taking advantage of the cloud infrastructure as an app development team gives you the advantage of choosing between monolithic (virtual machine) or container (microservices) strategies. For the latter especially, there are scores of third-party solution providers like Mirantis that can help with specific requirements like Kubernetes engine deployment. Going back to that Google deal, for example, at that rate you get:

  • 2 TB storage
  • Access to Google experts
  • Option to add your family
  • Extra member benefits
  • 10% back in the Google Store

That’s quite the list of bonuses, and getting money back in the Google store can help towards other in-app prices we need to pay. And, having those experts is good peace of mind in case something does actually go awry.

So there you go. Five solid reasons to consider giving the Cloud a go, especially as it is easier to use now than ever. Plus, with a lot of these storage options allowing free trials, it is worth at least giving it a go before you make your final decision.

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