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Sneaky Ways to Cheat At Slots

Time flies when you’re having fun; if you ask us, online casino slots make for hours of fun. When you are playing slots, however, the knowledge that time stands still and that all you can lose is your stake seems to make time stand still as well. But, just like any game involving wagering, the key to success is ensuring you have the strongest odds of winning.

You can play many types of slot games, from the usual fruit machines to matches that feature your favorite TV and movie characters. You name it; there’s a slot game for it. So, whether you’re playing the old-fashioned three-reel slots or more modern slot games, you’re bound to find a thrill. Of course, that thrill can soon turn sour if you start losing more than winning.

Cheat Code

Cheat Code is a podcast hosted by Dan Van Kirk and produced by CNET. In each episode, Dan explores a wide range of high-tech topics, shining a light on the most important issues facing consumers and tech professionals.

Shaved Coins

This coin is special. It’s a one-of-a-kind, although hardly one-of-a-kind; millions of these coins are made yearly. It’s special because it’s worth much more than its face value. One of a kind, too; you probably won’t find any other coins like this. This coin is very special because it’s here in our possession, and we’re ready to hand it out in a giveaway.

Fake Coins

Coin collecting is a passion shared by thousands of individuals who wish to build a collection of rare, desirable coins. Unfortunately, some individuals will use counterfeit coins to fool unsuspecting victims into purchasing coins for a fraction of their true value. These counterfeiters use real coins as raw material to mint fakes. Many unsuspecting collectors buy these fakes without knowing the difference, which can be a costly mistake.


Although most of us know it as that thing that sticks to our refrigerators, magnets have several uses. They help keep things in place, like hanging posters and filing papers in your filing cabinet. They can also erase information from old computer hard drives and even help us find north, thanks to a force called magnetism.


Yo-Yo Dieting, also known as Weight Cycling, is a series of repeated weight loss and weight gain. While weight loss is normal and healthy, extreme weight fluctuations can increase the risk of certain diseases and health conditions. Yo-Yo dieting is often associated with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. In a study of men and women, 86 percent of females and 54 percent of males admitted to weight cycling.

Piano Wire

Piano wire is a strong, thin steel wire used in pianos, harpsichords, and clavichords. It is helpful for many purposes, including piano tuning and stringing, and for general use in making, repairing, and maintaining stringed instruments.

Top-Bottom Joint

The top and bottom joints are some of the most important joints in a piano. Their huge size makes them capable of a wide range of movements, and they can exert a huge force on the string, which strikes with a velocity comparable to that of a bullet. The top and bottom joints are so strong that the entire piano can be made stronger and more resonant by reinforcing them, and many pianos from the 1700s have double top-and-bottom joints.

Monkey Paw

Monkey Paw has locations sprinkled throughout the Southeast, but it remains a San Francisco–based company. At each of the company’s locations (there are 19 currently, with 20 more scheduled to open this year), you’ll find a carefully curated selection of the merchandise that has made the company so beloved by local patients, along with a steady supply of strong (and strongly worded) coffee.

Bill Validator Device

Bill Validators, also known as currency validators, are perfect for a variety of businesses. Organizations ranging from grocery stores to gas stations to amusement parks use credit card processing machines. They allow you to make your purchases easily without having to carry cash. Businesses that collect payments at events, such as marathons, concerts, or festivals, especially benefit from these products.

Computer Chip Replacement

A computer chip replacement is needed when a computer chip is damaged, broken, or outdated. When a computer chip replacement is necessary, it’s usually due to the operating system no longer being compatible with the chip, or the computer may not function at all. If your computer suddenly stops working, perform a hard reboot to see if the computer is functional.

Software Glitch

As software glitches go, this one is pretty epic. A glitch in a popular flight-finder website allowed anyone to log in to a user account, view personal account information, and even book flights without entering a password or clicking a verification button.

Some slots give out little gifts randomly when you play them. These gifts include free spins, bonus rounds, and other exciting rewards. Learn about the gifts, and take advantage of the gifts they offer to increase your chances of winning.

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